The Perama Cave app enhances visitor’s experience. It provides additional information to the visitor of the Perama Cave on the screen of his cell phone or tablet computer during his tour inside the Cave.
Through smart Internet of Things sensors installed in the Cave, the application recognizes the location of the visitor and provides relevant information, highlighting the beauties of the Cave and enriching the visitor’s experience.
The cave is located in the South of the hill Goritsa in the highest level in the centre of the village of Perama. It is 10 metres high from the level of the lake Pamvotis and in the altitude of 480 metres. It is near Lake Pamvotis at Ioannina, which is famous for the legend of Kyra-Frosini and Ali Pasha.
A three-storey palace, with incomparable beauties and exceptional ornaments, which are the most beautiful ones in the Balκans, has been created by nature in the Goritsa hill which is located in the picturesque village of Perama. Τhe ornaments are the richest and most beautiful due to the fact that they have been collected by nature. Ιt consists of 19 kinds of stalactites and stalagmites, whereas in other caves there are only 6-10 kinds.