Development of Nine Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas in Greece – SSTPAs in Greece

The SSTPA acronym stands for Safe & Secure Truck Parking Area, which is the most significant program of the European Union in the mobility and infrastructure field, targeting heavy vehicles and professional drivers. The program is implemented within the framework of the funding instrument Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport and relies on Greece-based NEA ODOS for the program roll-out across the Attica, Peloponnese, and Western Greece regions.

The motorway connecting these territories serves both occasional “common” traffic, light commercial vehicles, and heavy good vehicles (HGV) from national and international haulage companies.

Truckers cover long distances every day and are subject to mandatory rest rules to guarantee their comfort and safety. Different highways offer various types of rest areas, with the common goal of providing personal care, vehicle services, restaurant and fuel facilities, security, information, and general assistance to professional drivers.

What is the SSTPA all about?

The SSTPA project tackles the challenge of finding secure truck parking and comfortable services, easily and efficiently. The project with Ergomatic comprises the upgrade of four existing parking areas in Atalanti and Episkopiko with the deployment of a parking system (Jupiter devices and Magnetic barriers), a control center and video 24/7 monitoring system and guarding systems. The capacity of each area is 24 trucks.